I have a big problem.

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I have a big problem. Empty I have a big problem.

Post  Echo on Tue Nov 15, 2011 7:13 am

See, in my new school, it's basic. All the girls hang out together and all the boys play dodge ball during recess. I try to join the girls, but they don't like me anyway, and the stuff they talk about is so stupid. Like how cute Cody Simpson is. Razz blechh. ew. Sometimes their favorite game to play is Get Bullied by the 2nd Graders. seriously, all they do is the little guys chase them around and pretend to scare them. It's so pointless! I really don't care for them, but I still don't have a best best friend, so I try to join them. Where ever they go, I go, then they leave. They don't like me. Really all I want to do is play dodge ball with the boys, but I'm afraid that they won't accept me just because I'm a girl. I mean, I can be girly if I really want to, but it's just not me. I'm more of a tomboy. Forget tomboy, I'm more like a boy! All the boys from all grades play dodge ball, see? So the little graders say, "Come on and join Jessie!" (my name is Jessica.) but I'm scared that if I start playing then the older boys in my grade...well you know how uncomfortable boys and girls get with each other at this age. Really I just want to be friends with them. Sad But how do I join the boys? How can I make them accept me girl or not girl? I need help...now. Sad



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