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Post  Echo on Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:00 pm

Hey summer,

okay, I don't want to be a drama queen here; so I'll just make a long story short. We're pretty much switching schools, and basically not being homeschooled now. So yeah this is a BIG change for me and my siblings. My mom is just going waaay overboard with this. Okay so, for our homeschool; we get a certain amount of funds to spend on classes. So at the beginning of the school year, my mom pretty much forced me into a martial arts class called Tai Kwon Do. At first, I would do anything to not go to classes, I would make fun of the teachers ( i know, i feel bad. ), and I hated it so much! Well, about a month ago, I started to see God show me the way into liking the class. I learned a lot, the teachers became my friends, and I even get to help out a lot now! Well, about a week ago, my mom had this BIG REVALUATION that it would be a totally perfect idea to send us to school!!! Where we'll have no money for outside classes or anything!

-Mom Logic-
Step 1: Force children into class they have no passion for.
Step 2: When they learn to like it, force them to give it up for something they are absolutely afraid of.

I'm sorry, but that's how I feel. I am afraid of going to school, and giving up something I FINALLY found that I like! Just when I was making friends in my old school where I went once a week, just when I was making friends and becoming better at Tai kwon do; NOW she gets this big idea to make us do school?! I just don't understand at all. And for my whole adolescent life, I've been holding back from offending my parents verbally. But I'm about to crack. I really am. I am about to say exactly what I feel, and believe me: it won't be pretty. I still love them I guess...but I just can't stand the idea of this. It's not healthy either. I've barely been eating all week, and I've been trying, really trying to be nicer to everyone, smile more, play classical music on the piano (like my mom wants me to) instead of pop music and more modern stuff (like I want.) but nothing helps. So what should I do? What can I do, besides lock myself in the bathroom, hide in the shower, stuff a cloth in my mouth, and scream my heart out; which I have been doing continuously all week. Should I go along, let my mom live my life until I get enough money to move out, then BAM! I'm half across the world finally living my life? Or should I fight for my decision to continue the classes, possibly making things worse? What? What in the world can I do?! I know this sounds bad, and I'm trying to word it as good as possible; but if anything in here is against the rules, and will get me banned, please tell me so I can edit it. I know it's risky posting this, but I need a lot of help.


P.S. I don't really want to hear, "Oh but your mom loves you and she's doing you a favor!!!" or anything like that, no offense. I need to know what I can do better. To become a person that my mom will listen to.


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